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PREGNANCY: There is no evidence that links problems during pregnancy to time spent around gongs, however due to the very nature of gongs affecting our inner workings and bodily fluids, there has been speculation in the past that it has the capacity to do damage. Although unfounded and heavily disputed by many in the gong world, i simply do not feel comfortable performing with even a minor possibility of causing someone damage. 

TINNITUS: If you have tinnitus please do not be scared away from gongs. Many gong therapists will still offer gong playing services for those with tinnitus, however i do not feel comfortable doing so as there have been cases where individuals tinnitus has gotten worse as a result of listening to gongs. That being said, others have said listening to gongs actually helped and lessened the effects of tinnitus,  so please do try with another gong therapist!  

EAR PROBLEMS: An example would be an inner ear infection. It probably wouldn't cause any harm to listen to the gongs with an issue such as this, however there is a chance it could cause some pain or nausea, due to ear problems being caused by a disbalance in inner fluids, which the frequencies of gongs will affect. If you have a hearing aid i would recommend removing it for the duration.


SENSITIVE HEARING: This one speaks for itself. If you have sensitive hearing and struggle to listen to loud noise or deep/high frequencies without pain, please do not attend. Also, if you have autism/asperger's please feel free to attend, but i would ask that you be aware of the level of noise that you can cope with without experiencing a sensory overload, so you can make a decision that will benefit you. 

A PACEMAKER: Please do not attend if you have a pacemaker. The effect of the vibrations created by playing the gongs has not been studied deeply enough in regard to affecting pacemakers. If you come and the gongs in anyway affect your pacemaker, the situation could become very dangerous very quickly, so please do not come. 

A METAL IMPLANT: The nature of gongs is to release different frequencies that affect people and cause relaxation, however when dealing with metal implants we must be careful. As mentioned on the home page everything in this world has a frequency, therefore there is the possibility that when playing gongs, they may release the exact frequency of the metal implant causing the implant to slightly vibrate, possibly causing an uncomfortable sensation or even pain. 

MENIERE'S, EPILEPSY, VERTIGO: Similar to Tinnitus or inner ear problems, if you suffer from Meniere's or Vertigo attending a gong sound bath may affect you negatively due to the effect gongs can have on the inner ear. If you suffer or are known to have suffered epileptic fits due to sound please for your own safety do not attend.


SERIOUS MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS: Gongs can make everyone feel different emotions and physical sensations, unfortunately in rare occasions it can cause fear or panic. If you suffer from serious mental health conditions i recommend you do not attend for your own safety and the safety of others within the session. 


If you choose to come with any of the above conditions, you do so at your own risk. 
Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure !
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