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Surrey Sound Baths 

Meditative Sound Therapy

What is a gong sound                 bath? 

Those of you who have never experienced a gong sound bath before, may be wondering what exactly it entails before joining me for a session.


To sum it up, a gong sound bath is precisely how it sounds…. bathing in sound!

One of my typical gong baths will last for about forty minutes. In that time it is up to you what you do. Some people choose to sit and daydream, others lie down completely and close their eyes. I would only ask that you don't go on your phone, and try not to disturb anyone else. This time is a chance to relax and forget the stresses of the world by listening to the sounds of gongs. 


But I hear you asking, why? What exactly is the point of all this?


We can find our answer in science! Everything within this world is made up of and affected by vibrations; certain frequencies that can affect the atoms of an object. One example, which i am sure we've all heard of, is hitting the right frequency when singing therefore causing a glass to shatter. This is because the singer hit the exact frequency that glass vibrates on, in turn affecting the make up of the glass. 

Similarly, the gongs, when played, release a broad range of frequencies.

Both low and high tones are produced when playing the gongs, which will effectively send your body into a state of relaxation; doing so by vibrating the atoms that live within you and make up who you are!


Because of this deep relaxation, and dream like meditative state that the gongs can induce, people can experience many different feelings and sensations during a gong bath. Letting emotions and memories rise to the surface from once buried deep can be an incredibly effective way of self-healing, as is meditating just by itself!


Therefore, if you ever have trouble meditating or even just relaxing, I suggest you come to one of my gong baths and see if it works for you. Give yourself a chance to step away from the stresses and worries of the world; simply close your eyes and listen to beautiful vibrations.


My sessions generally consist of 40 minutes of gong playing, followed by 20 minutes to chat with each other and have some green tea, or water, to bring everyone back into the room slowly and comfortably.


I hope now you understand a little more about the service I provide, and I hope to see you join us soon!

Please check to make sure its safe for you to come: 

These events are strictly for older teens / adults. Anyone under the age of 14 should not attend 

I have been going to gong baths for years and this company is by far my favourite!

Mark Cuttinger

Well worth the money! The most relaxing time i've had in years! 

Allie Waller 

Very lovely woman! She looked after me throughout and made sure i had a nice time!

Dawn Rodgers

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